The Next Xbox

You’ve seen plenty of different designs of the Xbox 360 released over the years, including the original, Elite, Arcade, and even the latest, Xbox 360 S.

I mean come on… there have been 7 Xbox 360 models released since November 22, 2005. (Chart)

That’s why there is so much hype for a new console.

The Next Generation of Xbox – The 720?

Xbox 720Ever since the original Xbox 360 was released, we’ve been lead to believe that the next console is going to be the 720 (360×2).

Does that name really hold any real value though? I mean would you feel comfortable talking about your “Xbox 720″? Think about it… “Hey man, I just bought a bunch of 720 games last night”, it just doesn’t sound right.

And to be fair, Microsoft announced last year that the next generation Xbox wasn’t going to be announced at E3 2012. But come on… we’re in 2013 now baby!

E3 is right around the corner and I have high hopes that the next Xbox 360 successor is going to be introduced to the whole world.

Seven Possible Xbox 720 Features

Of course, this is all currently speculation and taken from rumor/leaked sites.. but here are a few of the features that the next Xbox might have.

Blu-ray Drive
Just like with the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 720 is possibly the next console to have Blu-ray integration

Skype Support
Microsoft recently acquired Skype, so this looks pretty obvious

Immediately when you think of other platforms, you think of PlayStation and Nintendo. This feature however would likely be to integrate Microsoft Play, where you can access games on other Microsoft devices (tablets and pcs)

Four Hardware Cores
Move over.. everything. It’s time to take your gaming to the next level

Kinect 2.0
I doubt they’ll keep the same Kinect as the Xbox 360, so look forward to a new version of the Kinect!

Cloud Gaming
Oh yea, Microsoft almost bought Onlive, but it went bankrupt. So they are definitely looking into this one

Switching Between Media
If this feature is introduced… get ready to be able to swap between playing a game on your Xbox, to reading/watching a walk-through guide, maybe even one by Nak3d Eli

No matter how many features we can go on about, the next generation of the Xbox is bound to have a load of new options.

Take for instance the fact that the original Xbox (although early in game development) was very simple and the latest Xbox 360 now has built in WiFi, Kinect, and even allows web browsing.

Xbox 720 Console

Are You Ready for the Xbox 720?

The question still remains.. are you ready?

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