Master Chief in Halo 4

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the product of the SPARTAN-II project, an experiment designed to create superhuman soldiers to serve the United Nations Space Command. As a young boy (only 6 years old), he was abducted along with other children (of whom he was replaced with a clone who died shortly after) to undergo intense psychological and physical training and conditioning. The Master Chief is one of the few Spartans to survive the extreme procedures.

The Beginning of Halo

Halo 4 Master Chief

In worship of their gods the Forerunners, a group of theocratic alien races called the Covenant declared a holy war of genocide against humanity. In an attempt to stop the invasion, the Master Chief and Cortana wind up crash landing on a ring-like megastructure called Halo.

On Halo, the Covenant accidentally released an alien parasite called the Flood. The Master Chief now not only has to fight a war against the Covenant, but deal with the Flood as well. This includes dealing with the Halo structures that can eradicate all sentient life in a vast region, which will deprive the Flood of its nourishment.

Halo 3 Was Thought to be the End of Chief

We last saw the Master Chief escaping aboard a frigate into a slipsace portal after activating a new Halo in order to stop the Flood. The portal collapsed, splitting the frigate into two, and the Master Chief was presumed dead. However, he and Cortana were merely stranded in the other half of the frigate, and the Master Chief entered cryonic sleep.

Master Chief Returns in Halo 4

In Halo 4, we once again step into the Master Chief’s green armor shelled persona as he awakens to find himself drifting close to a mysterious Forerunner planet.

This is actually Master Chief’s first return to the Halo franchise since 2007. In Halo 4 we’re going to be diving deeper and deeper into the story behind Master Chief and Cortana and ultimately

Video About Master Chief’s Humanity in Halo 4

The Chief is back and with that, we need to know why he’s back and what direction his story is going to unfold in Halo 4.

“How do you have a hero’s journey, when he’s already a hero?”

Christopher Schlerf, Senior Writer at 343 Industries.

The “A Hero Awakens” Video

“Halo 4, the next installment in the Halo series developed for Xbox 360. Set four years after the events in Halo 3, Master Chief returns to confront his destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the entire universe. Halo 4 is being developed by 343 Industries and will be launched worldwide on November 6th, 2012.”

- Xbox View TV

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