Halo: Is it really being milked?

List of Halo GamesThis is a topic that I have stumbled across with many Halo fans and those that are not into Halo and think Microsoft is milking it for all it’s worth, but here is my question, do you really think it’s THEM that are the ones milking the Halo franchise? My answer, no.

Why so much hype

When Halo first came out back in 2001, it was just any ordinary game. There was no big hype about it then compared to what it gets now, so what’s the big deal? Well the big deal is that it’s the FANS that like the game so much and the die hards want to see more so they are giving the fans what they want. They funny part is that when another Halo title is released and people play, people still complain about certain aspects, but more titles get released and the game still continues to fly off the shelf! Just admit it, you love Halo no matter what. haha

Off the beaten path

There is one instance in which a different style of Halo was released. I’m talking about Halo Wars. It was not the normal FPS that we have come to know as Halo. Instead, it was an RTS and even though many Halo fans seemed to not be too crazy about this style for Halo, just the demo alone was downloaded by more than 2 million xbox live gold members in the first 5 days according to Microsoft. When the game had finally released, it sold 639,000 copies in North America through March. Some people didn’t like the idea of this style of gameplay for Halo and people complained that Bungie should not have made it, but here’s the thing……Bungie did NOT make Halo Wars. Ensemble did. I honestly think that Halo Wars was a fun game to play and I liked amassing an army of tanks, ODST’s and Spartans.

Celebrate good times

Halo has become so big that for it’s 10 year anniversary celebration, fans were able to attend Halo fest at PAX 2011. There is such a huge fan base that Halo fans, along with creators, got to celebrate Microsoft’s crown jewel of gaming. People just love Halo, what can I say?

But is it really being milked to death

Granted that people can buy t-shirts and action figures among other smaller items, there are only 6 Halo titles to date and the 7th game, Halo 4, isn’t expected until holiday season 2012. If I included the Halo Anniversary, it would make it 7 games already, but Halo Anniversary is only a remastered of the original game. It’s not an entirely new Halo title. I wouldn’t so much say it’s the creators that are milking Halo, it’s because of us (the fans) that want more. I think that if there was less of an interest in Halo, it would not be where it’s at today.

Less is more

If you’ve noticed, since 2001, only 6 Halo titles have been released. The first 3 games being 3 years apart so it’s not like the games were coming out every year so when a new title was announced, fans got excited. I think if a new Halo game was being pumped out every year, that might be a little too much. Granted we did get 2 Halo titles in year (Wars & ODST), only ODST was put out by Bungie. If Halo Wars had not come out, we would have only had ODST come out in 2009 with Halo 3 being out 2 years prior. Although, Halo Reach came out a year after ODST, but at the same time, ODST was not a big campaign game as the other Halo titles. Once Halo 4 is released, we will be looking at roughly a  2 year span since Halo Reach was released.

So once it’s all said and done, it’s the fans that want more and we are getting more. So as long as there is an audience willing to buy and a large enough of an audience, Halo will live on.