Halo Anniversary: Special Preview

Well here ya go Halo fans! A little something to get you all excited before you get your hands on Halo Anniversary! :D


It is confirmed that there will be skulls to find throughout campaign. At this site: http://www.haloeastereggs.net/egg/halo-anniversary-skulls you can find a list of all the known skulls and their effects. These are ONLY the confirmed skulls. For all we know, 343i may have kept some secrets and there may be more, but if you notice, it says the locations of those skulls are currently unknown, however, wouldn’t it be nice to know where some of these skulls are? Of course you do! If you DO NOT want to have any part of the game ruined for you, although if you played the original already, how could it be, then do not read any further as there are spoilers ahead!

Iron Skull: This skull can be found as soon as you get out of the cryo tube in the first stage. If you look at the cryo tube, walk to the left side of it and go towards the back of the room. You should see some sort of barrels and behind those will be the skull.

Mythic Skull: This is on the 2nd level, naturally. As soon as you exit the escape pod, walk straight ahead all the way to the waterfall and go behind it. It will be in the water, on the bottom, right behind the waterfall.

Foreign Skull: You can locate this skull on “Truth and Reconciliation”. After getting onto the ship and you make it to the dropship bay, kill everyone until the hunters come out. Hurry and go into that door before it closes for the skull. You can get it before the hunters come as there is a group of grunts and jackals that come from the same door just before the hunters. If you fail to get it at both these times, you will have to revert to save because the door closes and will not reopen.

Famine Skull: This skull can be found on “The Silent Cartographer”. Once you land in the Pelicans at the begining to storm the beach, turn around and go to the hill where the pelican gets shot down by later in the level. Around the back of the hill is a “ramp” that leads up and around until you reach the very top. Once at the top, walk across and you will find it sitting on the edge.

Fog Skull: This is on “Assault on the Control Room”. Apparently this one is a little tough to explain, so here is a video showing you what to do and where to find it. This DOES require some grenade jumping.


Malfunction Skull: This is another located on “Assault on the Control Room”. After you get the tank and kill the first set of hunters down the long snowy ramp, open the big door and go into the really big cavern area, and there are these little tube things that stick out the side of the cliff. The bridge that spans the room, go the the right side of it and the second tube thing from the bridge has the skull on it.

Recession Skull: This one is at the very begining of 343 Guilty Spark. Progress until you get to the first building that the covenant are running out of and you will find marines shooting at them. Face the entrance then do a 180 and walk to the “cliff edge”. You have to slide down the cliff there and the skull is at the bottom between two trees.

Black Eye Skull: This is the first skull you come across on “The Library”. At the very begining after you kill all the flood, there will be these two big cube things that you can grenade jump on, or do it on co-op (much easier on co-op). Once on top jump into the furthest of the 2 vents that the flood came out of and walk up into it and you will see it there.

Eye Patch Skull: This skull is also found on “The Library” level. Play all the way to the very end, and right before you get on the platform that takes you to the index, walk around to the other side of the platform directly opposite from where you walk in from, and the skull is on the floor between two big cube things.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull: This one can be found on the “The Maw”. At the end of the level when you’re driving the warthog to escape, get to the part where Foehammer is to pick you up, but gets shot down. Stop at about halfway across the bridge and park the warthog against the right side wall and jump on top of the warthog and then jump up onto the side wall and walk to the end to find this skull.

Well there ya go! That’s all you get for now. This will at least help you get started on your skull hunt. Happy skull hunting!

And for some added nostalgia:

Halo: CE Commercial

Here is to a happy 10 Year Anniversary! We love you, Halo! <3