Halo Anniversary: So how is it?

Okay, so Anniversary has been out a couple days now and for those of you that got the game, I’m sure you have probably checked everything out, or perhaps you were more into the multiplayer aspect and didn’t really dwelve into campaign. Since multiplayer doesn’t seem to be all that new besides the new maps, the campaign is supposed to be the whole new experience.

OOoooo Look at the pretty colors…

Halo AnniversaryI totally gotta say that the graphics are VERY eye pleasing. The first word that keeps popping into my head when trying to describe the new graphics was: “shiny”. The blue lights look so pretty and their vibrance sort of reminds me of TRON. haha At the menu title, I couldn’t help myself but to hit the back button on my controller every few seconds just to see the difference. The brighter, more vibrant colors are just so pretty. Come to think of it, if you’re familiar with forge and have ever applied the “juicy” light effect, it’s sort of like that too.

A little bit of change never hurt, did it?

Okay, so some people were not to thrilled about the original Halo being remade the way it was. I guess because some people believed, “why fix something if it ain’t broke?” Well, there IS something that I noticed that changed from the original to the new one and if you know your Halo, then you will have noticed something that was TAKEN OUT of the this new version at the begining of the game when you first step out of the cryo chamber and get to take control of Master Chief. Since I am very familiar with the original and just more familiar with this part of the campaign, I noticed this right from the start. Apparently, this changes depending on what difficulty you play it on. Since I was playing on Legendary, you jump right ahead to the objective. No messing around with the controls.

You sure have a purty funny mouth?

Okay, I don’t know if anyone else was really paying attention to all the new graphics, but I was. I was checking everything out and I gotta say, Keyes’ mouth was looking a little like “Butt-head” with that odd, upper lip. lol And speaking of mouth’s, how many of you noticed that some characters mouth would be moving, but there was no sound? Yeah, that was odd too.

Now she is annoying in the first game too!

Now from what I understand, some people felt that Cortana seemed to be more annoying in Halo 3 than any other game. She wasn’t really like that in the original CE. Now she is just as weird as ever!  I experienced a couple times where she sounded like a broken record and then there was another time where she didn’t even know what the heck she was saying! “gurglemufederf” lolwut? Also, was it just me or did her eyes seem to be creepier than normal?