Halo Anniversary Remake or Remastered

Well, we have all learned by now that our beloved game, Halo: Combat Evolved is getting a makeover. Some people may wonder why mess with a game that was released 10 years ago, is still readily available to this day, and while made for the original xbox can now be played on the 360. I say, why not?

Remake or remastered

Halo Combat Evolved vs. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

Comparing Halo CE (top) and Halo CE Anniversary (bottom)

Now just because Halo:CE is being re-released and is having some new elements added to it, I wouldn’t really call it a remake. With the ability to press the “back” button on your xbox controller and view what is being referred to as “legacy” mode, you can see what the game looked like 10 years ago during anytime in the campaign. Even in the middle of combat!

Halo Anniversary is more of a remastered version of the old game with an updated graphics layer running over top the old version. Over the years, and with all the new technology, we have been able to play Halo with some pretty nice graphics. I think it would be nice to play the game that started it all in some glorious HD goodness! Wouldn’t you?

More than just another pretty face

Besides just getting some pretty new graphics, Halo Anniversary is also getting some new elements added in. We will now be able to locate and access terminals, similar to that in Halo 3, but not as hard to find, and will serve to add a richer backstory to the Halo series. Of course the only way to access these terminals is playing the game in the new, Anniversary mode.

Another nice new element that Anniversary will have is multiplayer! However, it will be played from the Halo Reach multiplayer and we will be getting more maps which are remastered maps from the original Halo and then some! Halo Anniversary’s release will be similar to the way Halo 3 ODST was released; 2 disks while 1 being for the campaign and the other being for multiplayer.

Not your typical game release

Unlike most game releases, which would normally set you back $60, Halo Anniversary will only cost you $40 so it’s like you get to save $20! YAY! Since it’s not really a whole new game, they have decided to not have it resale for a new game title price. And of course, Halo Anniversary will be released on the same day it was 10 years ago.. November 15, 2011.

I don’t know about you guys, but I was actually hoping for a collectors or even an Anniversary edition of the game and have it include some cool collectibles. A statue of Master Chief that looks similar to the Halo Anniversary figure that McFarlane produced would have been pretty cool. It would fit quite nicely with my 2 Master Chief helmets and the 2 Halo Reach legendary statues that I have!