Halo Anniversary: Ranked high in pre-order sales

For those of you who never played the original Halo: Combat Evolved, this version should definitely be a great new way to experience the game that started it all. As for those that have played the original, or possibly played it around when the game first came out, get ready to experience that nostalgia feeling! Imagine playing when you first encounter the flood with that creepy music, but now in updated graphics. Now that I think about it, I wonder what Keyes will now look like when he is turned into a proto gravemind!?

New Features

Now that we are pretty much aware of all the new stuff that will be shipped with Halo Anniversary, what are you looking most forward too? Is it the chance to use kinect? What about playing Halo in 3D? Or even exploring through campaign to discover the new terminals? I’m just excited for everything since I love Halo! hehe

Top 10

Even though Anniversary is not a new title release, it has still managed to hold No. 10 as the best selling pre-order at gamestop.com which isn’t bad considering that is only a remastered version of the original that was released back in 2001. What makes it better is the price. Most new games sell for $59.99, but Anniversary will only cost you $39.99 and don’t forget the sales tax!

Master Chief is ready. Are you?

While Halo Anniversary might be highly popular with the die-hard Halo fans who just have to own everything Halo, like myself, what about those that just liked to play it? Since we are getting to play the same game all over again, will the sales of Anniversary be lower than the expectations of the creators? I guess as long as there are enough people willing and wanting to buy the game, they should be fine. Besides, Anniversary includes things that the original never had to begin, such as achievements and multiplayer! Yes, I know that multiplayer will be running off of Reach, but we get to experience some of the classic maps with new graphics and then there are some maps that we never got to play against people via XBL and now we will get that chance! Sorry guys, LAN parties don’t count. lol

Now who is calling in “sick”?

Okay, fess up, did you take the time off work or plan on missing school so you can plant yourself on the couch and play Halo all day on the day it releases? I for one did request the day off work, but I will be back to work the following day. I’ll just be happy knowing I can spend the day playing Halo.