Halo Anniversary: One Less Reason to Buy it?

According to escapistmagazine.com, Microsoft has announced that all the multiplayer maps that are going to be released with Halo Anniversary WILL also be released as a new DLC for Halo Reach. This DLC will contain the following maps: Battle Canyon, Breakneck, High Noon, Penance, Ridgeline and Solitary, plus Installation 04 as a Firefight map and it will cost 1200 Microsoft points, roughly $15.

Good News For Reach Players

Since you will now be able to purchase the maps WITHOUT having to buy Halo Anniversary and end up having the shell out the $40, this could come across as some good news for those that were not to crazy about buying Halo: CEA. At the same time, Anniversary is coming with it’s own new set of achievements, so if you decide not to buy it, I guess you could always just rent the game, get your campaign achievements and take it back. However, the die-hard Halo fans that LOVE collecting Halo stuff, I foresee them buying the game anyway! haha

DLC closer than you think

Apparently, the DLC will be available the same day that Anniversary releases, November 15th. If you are one who was more interested in the new maps, you can just buy some Microsoft points, download the new maps, and BAM! You just saved yourself $25 and got the maps. Otherwise, if you want to own Anniversary, you’re gonna have to shell out the $40 and you will have yourself a new Halo game added to your collection along with the new maps.

To buy or Not to buy

So the ultimate question is, now with this tidbit of information, do you still plan on buying Anniversary as a reminder of this monumental achievement of 10 years of Halo, or are you more interested in just the maps and plan on going for the DLC?