Halo Anniversary: 3D & Kinect!

Yes Halo fans, you heard, okay read, that right! As it turns out, Microsoft is giving Halo anniversary 3D support, but ONLY for those of you that own one of those special 3D televisions. There will also be a few voice commands for those of you that own a kinect. Sadly for me, we never bought one of those since none of the games that are available for the kinect are too appealing, but it looks like I may just have to pick one up for Halo. Anybody remember that old Socom Navy Seals game for the PS2? I remember that game and after playing Halo so many times, I thought it would be VERY cool to have voice commands similar to that for Halo. Wouldn’t it be pretty cool to direct a squad of ODST’s? I do!

Voice Command

As I mentioned earlier, Halo Anniversary will be supporting a few voice commands as long as you have a kinect. It seems to just be simple things such as saying “grenade” will make your character chuck a grenade at your enemy and by saying “reload”, well, that’s an obvious one. I’m going to assume that as far as using kinect goes, you will probably still be using the controller for movement. There is, however, another cool feature that has been added while using the kinect. To find out more, just watch the video.

In your face

With Halo Anniversary now supporting some 3D action, you can play Halo in a whole new way a feel like you are now more part of the action! Of course, you will need one of those special television sets and I am now looking at getting one JUST for that fact! I don’t know about you guys AND girls, but I would LOVE to play Halo in 3D! I’m kind of hoping that they do this with Halo 4 as well and possibly the Halo games for the future!

Now that you have wiped that drool from your chin, check out the video and see for yourself just how awesome Halo Anniversary is lookin’!