Halo 4 Rumors – Ending of Halo 3

Ending of Halo 3 Creates Halo 4 Rumors

With Halo 4 rumors floating around the online community, there is little left to the imagination on whether there is one in the works especially when they see that the ending of Halo 3 begs a continuation. Of course, these rumors have set lots of tongues wagging on whether 343 industries will be coming up with a fourth installment for Halo 3 and where will it be released. Without so much as a peep from the 343 gaming corporation, Halo fans are beginning to wonder. News has it that 343 gaming corporation is creating Halo Wars which is a RTS Halo game but the real question is whether they will push through with Halo 4?

There are lots of reasons why Halo 4 rumors should be true to begin with not just because of the Halo 3 ending but there are several other factors that come into play as well.

Microsoft's Investments in Halo

The first reason is most likely money. Yes, it's all about the money and with the Halo franchise being one of the most popular series there are, it is highly unlikely for Microsoft to just drop it out of the blue or change its name since they have already spent a lot of time and energy in building its reputation as one of the best games of today. And Halo 4 is not just a new name in the gaming industry now, is it?

Master Chief Halo 4Halo is a Huge Franchise

Another reason why Halo 4 rumors are guaranteed to push through is the fact that it is one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. If you are going to look closely at the first Halo series, you will notice that the company used extensive marketing strategies to generate awareness and with the pre-sales clearly indicating a high demand for the game, there is no doubt that Halo 4 will definitely be developed.

Halo and Xbox Consoles

With the number of Xbox consoles sold ever since Halo was released, there is no doubt that Microsoft and 343 industries will be banking on the interest of their customers to make another blockbuster sales by developing a sequel to Halo 3. Although there are no official polls on the number of Xbox units were sold during the Halo series release, there are actually millions of Halo fans who bought their own unit just to be able to play it.

MLG is Too Popular

Another reason why Halo 4 is most likely to be developed in the long run is the fact that MLG is fast becoming popular especially after Halo 3 was released. Bungie, another game development company, found how important MLG is and is now working closely with them. If the idea of Halo 4 doesn't come to pass then MLG would most likely be using other gaming merchandise and that means a big loss for Microsoft.

Rumors of Xbox 720 and Halo

With Xbox 720 looking for a new launch title, the idea of Halo 4 release is probably being tossed around. If you are going to compare Xbox 360s launch title, Perfect Dark Zero, which unfortunately didn't make a big splash as was expected, Halo 4 will definitely attract customers, thus making a big profit for both Microsoft and Xbox. Come to think of it, there is no other reason why Halo 4 shouldn't be the launching title for Xbox's new console. For sure, people will be lining in stores near their place when this news spreads soon.

When it comes to Halo 4 rumors these reasons definitely top the list on why gaming developers should continue with this series. After all, the idea of Chief and Cortana stranded out there can help the developers to explore new territories since they can start anew with no Covenant, Brutes or Flood to worry about. They can introduce a new storyline and even new characters as well.

Rumors have it that Gearbox and not Bungie will be the one to develop the next installment of Halo. Whether it is Halo 4 or not, it is still unconfirmed. However, no matter who the developers will be, the Halo 4 rumors definitely caused a buzz not only in the gaming industry but also in the online the community. For sure, people will be searching for more news about this exciting rumor whether it will push through or not. Still, it is something worth considering especially by those who played all Halo series.

It's Not Over Yet, Master Chief

With Halo 4 rumors spreading like wildfire right after the Halo 3 ending, there is still no sign as to whether there is a Halo 4 coming up but with talks of Gearbox developing a new Halo game, whether it is in line with the Halo series, or a new storyline, people are starting to get excited as to what the next Halo will be.

Although there are some that are not happy with the idea, without any comments coming from involved parties, the Halo 4 rumors will still be rumors for now.

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