Halo 4 and 343i: Make it or break it.

343 Industries LogoWhen it comes to 343i taking over the reigns of the Halo franchise, there seems to be 2 types of people; those who are okay with it and those that are not.

People seem to think that Bungie should be the ones who stick with Halo, but Bungie seperated from Microsoft years ago to become an independent company and take a new direction. The only downfall was that Microsoft would claim the rights to Halo. Around that time, rumors were being heard about an inside development team for Halo which we have come to know as 343 Industries.

First game causes doubts.

Since Halo 4 is 343i’s first big game, people have doubts about this new company who has not even put out a big title yet and are going have their hands all over the Halo franchise. For those of you who say that 343i made Halo Legends and are basing their ability from that………..hate to tell you that you’re wong, but, you’re wrong. However they did collaborate with the project, but it was a different team of designers that created Halo Legends and Halo Legends was NOT canon and was not supposed to be in the first place.

Heavy price paid.

343i now carries a heavy burden on their shoulders with the future of Halo. They will either make it or break it. I personally have hopes that 343i will deliver a great Halo title and show us a new chapter of the Halo universe. The Halo 4 teaser trailer that debuted at E3 2011 created some uproar once people saw the new style mjolnir armor that the Master Chief was wearing and people started to freak out because, as we all know, Master Chief was in cryo so how did he end up with new armor all of a sudden?

My take on this was more of a look at what his armor may end up looking like as we play Halo 4. I think that we will start the game in his normal MK VI armor and later may acquire an updated suit. Perhaps it is something that the forerunners create? It’s only speculation at this point since we still don’t know much and everyone is wondering, “why the new look?”

Upset or good riddance?

Ryan Payton leaves Halo 4Once peole heard the news of creative director, Ryan Payton, leaving the company, more people seemed to think that 343i was going to fail with Halo 4, and this caused more people to think that 343i won’t be able to pull off a great Halo title.

However, Payton wanted to take Halo into a different direction, one that I think many of us die hard Halo fans would rather not see. The japanese art style was fine for Halo Legends, but if you make my Master Chief run around in samurai armor, I’m gonna knock you into the next world! haha

Keeping my hopes up.

While there still may be people who are afraid with 343i being in charge of the Halo franchise, I for one, have my hopes with this company. They have a team dedicated to Halo and I believe that they will bring a great, new chapter in the Halo universe and deliver us a new, awesome trilogy! So whaddaya say guys? Will you go forth and stand up for 343i or will you join the neigh-sayers and think that 343i won’t cut it?

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