Girls and Halo: They DO exist.

Now when you think of the game Halo, you probably think of a bunch of guys who live on their couch, slammin down some mountain dews or other drink preference, and talkin smack over XBL. However, among that large group of guys exist some female gamers. While some like to pretend that girls don’t exist or think they belong in the kitchen (which is wrong to do, come on guys!) us girls like to play our share of video games as well!

Girls are into games more than you might think

If you are big into the gaming world, you may be familiar with gaming clans, such as PMS or Frag Dolls. Both are big female gaming clans and a lot of women make up these clans. While these girls may play many other games and are quite good at them, I’ll stick to my Halo, thank you very much. On occassion though, I do play other games, but I just play the campaign with my husband.

Girls DO like Halo

A girl that I know (not personally) dressed as Cortana at Halofest

I am living proof of this fact and I have come across a few other girls that like Halo. They have even been known to build Halo costumes, as well as myself. I mean think about it… a girl in spartan armor. Pretty sweet, right? Although, I still don’t really know of many girls who collect and are obsessed with Halo as much as I am. Granted I know girls that like to play it, but is that the extent of it all? When I go to the store and come across some cool Halo merchandise that I don’t have, I feel like a little kid in a candy store!

Where are the girls?

That same girl dressed in spartan armor that SHE built!

You hop on your xbox, get into a game of Halo and get matched up with some random people. However, you never know if one of them just might be a girl. Some girls are quiet when playing since guys seem to get all “googly” when they discover a girl is playing and they can’t control themselves so they tend to say some pretty stupid things. It’s happened to me so when I get and I’m not with a group of my friends, I won’t talk. I go in to play a good game then go on to the next. Just think, if more guys could be more accepting of women playing games, you just might start to see more gamer girls!

Sharing is caring

For you guys that have girlfriends and don’t mind that you play video games, why not play a fun little custom game of just the 2 of you. If she has a hard time with the controls, don’t get mad, help her out. Teach her the ropes. I would recommend that you play a game in Halo Reach because of the female body choice and sometimes girls like it when they get to play the girl. I know I was happy that I could finally have a female spartan! She might just end up liking it and then will want to play games online with you. If she doesn’t feel that it’s her sort of thing, don’t force it. You could try telling her about the female gamer clans and let her know that there are hundreds of girls that like and play Halo. If that still doesn’t work, then oh well. At least you tried, right?

One last note. Girl gamers compromise 40% of the entire gaming marketplace. Click here to find out more.

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