Halo 4 Campaign Mission 6

The level starts with Master Chief and Cortana in a room on the UNSC Infinity. Lasky comes down and tells the Chief that he has a fully prepped Pelican gunship in the hangar. Master Chief gets in and leaves the ship through a launch tunnel.

John and Cortana head to a tower in an attempt to take down the Didact’s shields. They meet much resistance and are stopped twice before taking out the first part of the shield. They return to the Pelican and move to destroy three antennas regulating signals to the Didact. They destroy all three and find that the Didact knows of their plan.

They head to a final tower to forcefully block the Didact’s escape. Upon defeating heavy Covenant resistance, they reach the control room. Master Chief plugs Cortana in and she takes control of several pillars. However, a rampancy outburst makes her lose control. Several Liches are seen heading towards the Didact’s ship as he prepares to leave. Master Chief jumps on one as the fleet exits Requiem and enters slipspace, heading towards the Ivanoff Research Station near Installation 03.