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About HaloGoddess

I’m your average person who works, lives the simple life, plays video games and just so happens to love Halo! I have even self proclaimed myself as the biggest female Halo fan. I am a rare breed. Not too often does a guy come across a gamer chic, let alone a girl totally obsessed with Halo!

Girls and Halo: They DO exist.

Now when you think of the game Halo, you probably think of a bunch of guys who live on their couch, slammin down some mountain dews or other drink preference, and talkin smack over XBL. However, among that large group of guys exist some female gamers. While some like to pretend that girls don't exist ...

Halo Anniversary is HERE!!

Finally! The day we have been waiting for! Halo Anniversary has now made it's way into loving homes of guys and gals that will be spending countless hours of campaign and multiplayer. We've heard about it, known about it and get to finally play it! Still missing out? Were you one of the people that didn't attend ...