Around here, it’s Halo-ween!!

Yes, I know that halloween, (or Halo-ween for you Halo fans), is days behind us, but here is a nice little treat for you guys:

Me dressed as Kat for Halo-ween

I worked for over a year on this. It has room for improvement, but I was just happy to have it finished to where I could at least wear it!

Almost There

Halo Anniversary will be making its way into our homes in just another 10 days from today! Are you excited? For those of you that never really played the original Halo: Combat Evolved, you will now get the chance and be among the new generation of Halo gamers that will get to experience this timeless classic of Halo in all new graphics! Of course, you will still get to see what Halo first looked like back in the day. Also, just to recap to make this clear, you DO NOT need to own the kinect system in order to play Halo Anniversary. You can still play it just fine without it. However, by owning the kinect, you will have a chance to experience the kinect only features. These features will not have any extra achievements, so don’t worry, whether you own one or not, everyone will still get the same achievements, granted you are able to achieve them all. hehe

It’s Still The Best

Granted that Halo Anniversary is just a remastered version of it’s predecessor, Halo Anniversary has still taken a high seat in the pre-orders. Who wouldn’t want to play the original Halo game in awesome, new graphics!? Plus with all the new features that it will contain, Halo fans just can’t wait to get their hands on this game!

Midnight Release?

It still doesn’t seem to be sure if some places will be holding a midnigh release for Halo Anniversary. Some are saying that because it’s just a remastered of the original and not a new, major title, there won’t be one. I’ve heard some people say that there will be one at Gamestop in their area. I for one, still don’t know of any midnight release around here. Is there anyone here that will be going to one? If so, do you plan on showing up dressed as Master Chief?

Decisions, decisions

Some people seem to go straight to multiplayer so they can be among those who were the first to play multiplayer when a new Halo game comes out. Especially now with Anniversary and having some old favorites (multiplayer maps) make a comeback with some new graphics. For me, it’s all about the story so I would normally play through the campaign FIRST and then I would check out multiplayer. However, this time may be different as I pretty much already know the story with the first Halo game, but then there is the exception of the newly added terminals that will now give us more of a backstory and tell us more that we didn’t find out in the original, so it sort of adds to the original story. What do YOU plan on doing? Multiplayer first or campaign first? I know I for one am excited for the new maps.